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COME TO POURFEST!!! Guess who’s rock’n it out?? These 3 pouring wet dudes!! Haaaah! #Pourfest2014 is going to be sick!! We got my good friend @roytoshmusic, a crazy dude named @benjahmusic, and some really folky cats named @judahandthelion! Haah! You obviously don’t want to miss this line up! Two dayz of nasty awesome music! August 8 & 9. Put it in yo calendar! Follow @pour_fest for more details. Get your tickets HERE:

Thank you, thank you, thank you one and all who have made July such an exciting month full of KILLER shows. The boys and I have been overwhelmed by your generosity, support, and super positive feedback. This has by far been the best performance month of my career, so I just wanted to say “thanks”! Last night we got to rock with Shiny Penny in Kokomo for the Harley Davidson Bike Night. It was so great to reunite with our good buds and make new fans. And how about Thursday?!? Radio Radio goes down as one of the best shows ever!! Opening for Matthew Sweet!!?? Wow… What an honor. That guy has one loyal fan base. Very impressive. Well, so much cool stuff to come and more epic shows to be played. Check the website for a full listing of dates coming up! Love y’all!

Its been an amazing weekend, and it’s not over. We had an incredible time yesterday working with the talented Tom Jackson - a live show producer who has worked with Taylor Swift. Then we shot down to Mooresville for an exciting show at The Shining Light. Received a nice welcome from the fans there and were really happy to be a part of Sara Schilling’s support team.

Now we are headed to New Castle for another great festival called #RockTheArtsPark. It’s going to be an amazing day for an outdoor performance. Catch us at 12:30pm on the MAIN STAGE today! Can’t wait to see you there! #LawtonLive #JulyTour #Rockthearts #rocktheartsinthepark

Wow! I can’t stop thinking about last night. Thank you Lafayette for such an amazing response and super turnout. The band and I can’t wait to return to see all your pretty faces again. I made a bunch of new friends and really enjoyed getting to chat with y’all. I’m currently waiting on some pictures but if any of you have some please shoot then over, post em, or tag me! Thanks guys, and don’t forget about all the upcoming awesome shows coming too! 4 THIS WEEK!!!

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